This is a very exciting stage in the life of a little child as he or she goes about learning new things such as how to walk, how to talk, using the potty and many other developmental milestones.  It is also a stage which cannot be left neglected if developmental areas are to be learnt correctly.

Whereas each toddler develops at a different rate, unique to his or her own in-built ability as well as the level of guidance he or she receives from parents or a care giver, we can generally say that the following areas are most succinctly developed at this stage:

  • Gross motor – walking, running, climbing
  • Fine motor – feeding themselves, drawing
  • Sensory – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling
  • Language – saying single words, then sentences
  • Social – playing with others, taking turns, doing fantasy play

Through our very carefully planned ‘curriculum’, and using play and talk as tools, we aid this process as per internationally recognised guidelines.  This potentially yields into very positively active and confident young children ready to hop onto the next level of their lives