As young children grow more aware of their surroundings, the Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program at Meadows Academy is the perfect place for them. Children around this age are just beginning to deal with concepts like how to share, how to work collaboratively, how to manage frustration and most importantly, how to maintain a positive growth mindset from a very young age.

This program is a precursor to kindergarten and it offers an opportunity for young kids to master letters, numbers, shapes or begin to sound out words or read more often. It focuses on developing all of these skills in their young minds and encouraging early integration of all these concepts in their daily routines.

The four primary developmental areas that are focused on in Pre-K are geared to building a:

  • healthy, balanced physical development
  • positive social development as your child is trained to work with others
  • emotional development to make your child comfortable and expressive
  • cognitive development because this is the age where their minds are the freshest; and most capable of absorbing information.

Through our very carefully planned ‘curriculum’, and using play and talk as tools, we aid this process as per internationally recognised guidelines.  This potentially yields into very positively active and confident young children ready to hop onto the next level of their lives.