The choice you make for your child’s first school, is often one that eludes the sanity out of most of us. With so many offerings and claims in the market, a parent, particularly a new parent, would often be dazzled by the sheer differences and focuses of various schools.
Some parents are driven to settle for word-of- mouth references while others opt for centres that are big on space and on student numbers. While none of us can claim to get it right in the first instance, the proof certainly lies in the pudding, and so decisions about a child’s overall development must always factor in our decisions and not just aesthetical matter and material around them.

Meadows Academy was founded by several guiding principles – by the understanding of the anxiety that a mother first faces when seeing off her beloved to a school full of strangers, by the acceptance that each child, unique in his or her own way has equally independent needs from the other children, by cognizance of prevailing realities in our midst where kindergarten completing children are ill prepared to face life in an Elementary or Primary setting and by the desire to contribute to the lives of tomorrow’s citizens by giving them a blend of education systems that strengthen their later life prospects of a quality life.

All this is achieved by a wonderful setting of work-play balance that turns on the brain of the little kinder, who then cannot seem to have enough of his or her school. We pair this intentful exercise with our promise of lectito (read), scribo (write), dictio (speech) et numera (and count) – something to which we dedicate our entire efforts on, because as soon as a child is comfortable knowing these elements, future years in upper levels will be very easy.

In our small but cosy set up, we embrace a universal opportunity philosophy and go about our daily routine with the affection children so much require to feel the importance of their self while being trained to care for others. This is achieved through our community service activities as well as activities during the term.
Welcome to Meadows Academy!

Gulbanu M Suleman