A continuous process of reading from a young age helps children in a number of ways; such as by stimulating them mentally, improving their memory and analytical skills and offering them a way to deal with stress.

At Meadows Academy, the Reading Den is a clearly defined and comfortable space with the sole purpose of facilitating independent reading for children. The plethora of books in our reading facility have been handpicked and chosen specifically based on those that provide maximum opportunities for your child to enrich their language and develop their vocabulary and consequently – their understanding and expression of the world around them.

Aside from enriching vocabulary, reading is also a skill that can help to enhance imagination. In today’s world, and the world that your children will step into – entrepreneurship and innovation is priceless; and an attitude of reading helps to facilitate this skill. Our students are shaped to be thinkers, risk-takers and principled young leaders and this is primarily because of how we train them to read at our school.