The Kindergarten is located at the heart of a vibrant suburb of the city – Upanga, and makes for a truly unique learning environment. The premises which was recently renovated to make it friendly to the children. During the renovation, special attention was paid to maximum use of natural lighting and the use of white colour for aiding from distractions, as well as modern washrooms

The Kindergarten is surrounded by residential houses and blocks and is easily accessible by a tarmac road from the busy Fire Road.

The Kindergarten includes classrooms, a reading den, a common area and the outdoor play area.


Meadows Academy places a premium on the safety of our kinders, staff and families.

Moreover, all the personnel are trained in first aid, and in the entire process of professional care.

Within our small set up we have a well-equipped range of facilities and resources for all kinders to help them achieve a holistic experience in a warm an friendly environment. Our ambition is to see these children achieve the full growth potential during the time they spend with us.


Perhaps, the first kindergarten to install a full-sized turf where children can enjoy the ambience of a park.  We encourage quit a bit of  physical activity, so this play area that provides them a safe and secure environment for fun filled activities.  The turf is regularly maintained to ensure it is clean an does not pose any health risk to the tender children.


The Art Room is a place where a child’s imagination becomes reality, a place to encourage and motivate creation and self-expression. The Art Room teacher is responsible for ensuring that the room is bursting with supplies for art projects, and is filled with usable materials that children can access under a guided environment.

Our curriculum includes guided instruction to new materials and techniques, as well as opportunities for kinders to execute their own projects. As with our other rooms, a teacher demonstrates techniques that will teach children about the skills involved and how to utilize the available materials for the most advantageous results.


We pay a lot of attention to reading and are attached to the world’s best educational book publishers – Scholastic.  Apart from library facilities, the Den offers children the convenience to select from a wide range of titles, as per their level, and practice to read with understanding.  This forms a core part of our approach.


Children absolutely enjoy this.  So we have an in-house facility where toddlers are encouraged to waddle around and get wet, while the kinders all head on a weekly basis to get first hand professional training at an external facility, renowned for its safety and trainer competence.

Our goal is to ensure they enjoy this sport and also get rid of any fear they may have of getting into a pool at an early age.


Our play area is flexible to change and this affords us the opportunity to create a field, big enough for the children’s requirements, to engage in basic sports activities.  Ensuring that children are active and positively competitive is an essential part of learning at Meadows.


This is another very popular facility amongst the children – one they really look forward to.  Facilitated by a professional who visits the Academy each week, the activities are set up to inrease flexibility, adaptability, ease of muscular movement, posture correction as well as establishing a well groomed mind-body balance.


The activity rooms are designed to make learning more fun and exciting. Students love this room as it has many toys and educational games. The concept of the activity room is about ‘Learning’, through play, in a totally different environment. All games are conducted as a part of the planned educational programme.