Career openings pop up from time to time especially since we operate under a diverse system of curriculum. Qualifications are necessary for applicants to join, however, more critical is your availability for skills and competence trainings. This is key if you are to become a successful and dependable teacher at Meadows. These trainings – both in-class and on-the-job, prepare teachers for more modern techniques of conducting their classes, organising their classrooms and approaching the concepts that they are to impart to the kinders.

Traditionally in most schools, the common trend has been to hire anyone who is interested in working with children or wishes to while her time while waiting for other learning and working opportunities to arise. Such candidates are often turned away at Meadows since we ask for dedicated commitment and an evidence of prerequisite abilities to work in the sensitive field of children’s care and learning.

We also have a robust apprenticeship program in which young teachers are taken in as under-study teachers to work under supervision and also attend learning sessions to expand their knowledge and skills base in the field.

If you think you have the qualities of being a care giver or a teacher for young children, please contact:
Head of Academy
Meadows Academy
P O Box 1702, Dar es salaam