Well-Behaved Kids Come From Well-Behaved Parents, Not From Well-Taught Parents!

By Jennifer June

Teaching your kids good things is a good sign of a parent but that does not stop there. Are you really practising what you are teaching them?There is this phrase I saw on a social post which says ‘kids won’t speak bad words but they speak heard words’ – so true! Our kids are our little bundle of joy; they are so eager to learn things easily, be it a behaviour or an action or a word. Their brains are so fresh, much like clay; you should mould them the right way because just like clay which becomes hard when dry, your kids can also learn certain things which you may not be able to reshape. If you try doing it you end up breaking the hardened clay!When your kids throw tantrums address them, spend time with them, snooze your work mode for some time and activate your mommy or daddy time. They need you for some reason and that’s why they keep showing it as a tantrum. Maybe your children are hungry, maybe they feel sleepy or maybe they just need a hug; whatever the reason may be, when they want you, be ready to attend to their issues. After all, we are living for them and for their happiness. Even today, as a parent, when you feel a little tired of work pressure or any minor health issues, you need your mom or dad to be with you, right? If not your parents then you at least expect your better half to hold your hands. If we need a small gesture of love even at this age, imagine how much attention your kids expect from you!Live the life that you expect from your kids. It’s as simple as that. If you want your kids to finish off their breakfast on their own before 9 am, then you should be following the same. By teaching them to eat on time while you yourself have a leisurely breakfast, you’ll actually confuse their little minds. It’s actually very simple and easy to teach your kids because they do what they see. If you want your kid to be well-behaved, behave well as a parent!!!

P.S.  When you want your kid to eat that piece of broccoli on his place, don’t forget to eat it yourself – if you say you don’t like it, you cannot expect them to eat it, now can you!

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